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Local Local Local

"I fell in love with the Farm-to-Table movement instantly upon moving to Westport, a “Right to Farm Community”.  With over 30 farms within a 10 mile radius, how could I not?! Every seasonal fruit and vegetable you can imagine, an oyster farm, cheeses, wines, just in Westport alone! The surrounding towns have just as much to offer.

"Thank you so much for all your hard work on "Rock and Roll to the Rescues". The food was amazing and everyone enjoyed it! Thank you for donating your time - what a gift! We raised $2,500 for each sanctuary!

Thank you so much."

Kathy - fundraiser for 2 local farm animal sanctuaries 

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Simplicity is Stunning

I believe in letting the food speak for itself. "Respect the integrity of each ingredient". Delicate sauces and seasonings bring out the natural beauty of our local produce, fish fresh from the sea, and humanely-raised, grass-fed proteins.



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"Thank you so, so much for everything. Your patience during the arrangement phase was so appreciated and everything yesterday was just perfect.

We enjoyed all the food ( I especially loved the melon, I think it was the best I have had in years). Everyone was up and down sampling everything throughout the tasting and just really impressed with it. The presentation was perfect and we could not have been happier."

Julie - wine tasting event 

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Great food, Great people, Great times


I love creating and sharing GREAT FOOD. For me, the biggest draw to catering was the joy that it brings me watching a successful party take place.

Bringing GREAT PEOPLE together, planning an event, organizing all of the details, seeing it through to fruition... catering isn't a just a job, it's a perfect fit; It's all I've ever done!

Food and celebrations go hand in hand. Let Island Girl Catering do the work while you and your guests enjoy a GREAT TIME.



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Our Chef...



Born and raised in The Bahamas, Chef Genevieve brings an island flair  to New England ingredients... think lobster rolls with a spicy mango mayo! Island Girl Catering has been the long term goal of Chef Genevieve since beginning culinary school in 2000 and working with premier caterers in South Florida. Moving to Massachusetts in 2010 introduced her to the bountiful cuisine of New England.

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